Of the dozens of residential schools built across Canada, 15 to 20 are still standing. From B.C. to Ontario, many of the Indigenous people trying to overcome the schools’ toxic history say it’s wrong to tear them down

Up Against It

Three ambitious women photojournalists and their struggles for great shots — and greater acceptance

Hindi Beats and ISIS Threats at India's Largest EDM Festival

From increased security to segregated lineups, we experienced Goa's Sunburn Festival.

Where on earth is the Appian Way Group?

Current and former Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) employees and board members have called into question the legitimacy of Appian Way Group, the auditing firm that was hired to conduct the RSU efficiency audit in 2015 that led to the layoff of Gilary Massa.

Sapkota said he saw 'so many nails' from the bomb’s shrapnel, including one embedded in a woman’s leg. One person was bleeding from the stomach

A closer look at the skate girls of Kabul

In a part of the world where women were once threatened for playing sports, a group of young girls has found a love for skateboarding.

Here’s What CBC Staff Told Their Bosses About The Need For Diversity

Union credits CANADALAND piece for exposing "years of virtual inaction" and prompting staff to write management.

What Canadians Have All Wrong About Black Lives Matter Toronto

The group has been criticized for its tactics, so we asked them to address their critics.

In a 'grey divorce,' there’s a lot at stake from a personal finance perspective. Here’s what you need to know — and how to mitigate some of the damage

With PCs handed a majority government on Thursday, Ford took the stage in a Toronto ballroom and heralded a new, Fordian era in Ontario

'There were a lot of tears and hugs. He will be greatly missed. He was a very nice man'

Women and Marginalized Groups Come to Forefront of Black Lives Matter in Toronto

"For all the little Black girls out there who are not allowed to just be little Black girls, this night is for you."

Man Convicted in Terror Plot in Canada Is 'Delusional,' Doctor Testifies

The mental state of a man convicted of plotting to derail a passenger train from Toronto to New York continued to transfix a courtroom on Wednesday, with a psychiatrist arguing that he is probably unfit to participate in his sentencing hearing.

Manitoba has introduced legislation to ban spotlighting after the premier suggested the hunting technique could spark a 'race war.' Indigenous groups are not happy

​Here Are All the Reasons Students Have Against Voting in the Federal Election

And why they're mostly bullshit.

The brand is also in the planning stages of creating a new kids' menu and introducing card-based and app-based loyalty programs

Skateboard Decks Highlighting First Nations Issues are Super Popular in Saskatchewan

The debut design from Colonialism Skateboards brings the history of the Pass and Permit System to halfpipes across the province.

House Party Review: Queen’s Homecoming

“I’m just trying to feel what millennials feel, you know?”

In Canada, the grocer saw a 0.6 per cent increase in market share in food, consumables, and health and wellness

Canada’s senior population is the largest it has ever been, and many of these retirees are using recreational properties as retirement properties

Canada’s Aboriginal Minister Shrugs Off Responsibility for Youth Suicides on Reserves, Says It’s Parents’ Problem

Bernard Valcourt has talked himself into political controversy once again.

The summer is hot, the World Cup is on, and people want to have a cold one. But Europe and Mexico are running low on CO2. Here's why

Zone Startups India funds vPhrase

vPhrase, an artificial intelligence data analytics company, has received an undisclosed amount of money from Ryerson Futures and the Chokhani Family Office, a prominent Indian business family, and is the first company of its kind to join the zone


The RRJ Recommends you check out Nora Ephron’s “A Few Words About Breasts,” published in Esquire in 1972.



Oh, the Humanities! How can every Canadian emblem be problematic? And why is one symbol a means of pride and embarrassment at the same time?

​We Asked Scientists If ‘Drunk Accents’ Are Actually a Thing

Science suggests you're just drunk.

Interview with adventure photographer Chris Burkard

Burkard touched down in Toronto last week for the global tour of his new film Under An Arctic Sky.  But he sat down with us in between screenings to talk about the work that went into the film.

"Exotic" Halloween costumes are just plain rude

There was a time I enjoyed being called exotic. Everyone who used the word had implied a positive meaning, and I was happy to know I wasn’t the same as everyone else. 

Are Young Politicians Fucked Before the Campaign Even Begins?

Yes, you've heard it before but Baby Boomers really do have an easier time in seeking office.

Meet the Canadian Kid Who Wants to Make the Virtual Classroom a Reality

Could immersive education in virtual reality be the next way to digest content in schools?

Badakhshan found guilty in death of Ryerson student

Farshad Badakhshan, 31, admitted to killing his 23-year-old girlfriend in July 2010 but pleaded not criminally responsible due to mental illness.

We Asked a Bunch of Kids Born in the '90s to Review Some Classic Generation-X Films

Just how many beers does it take for Singles, Empire Records and Slackers to seem interesting to the peeps who weren't born when they came out?

I Went to an International Sailor Moon Day Event and I’m Scared for the Future

It's looking grim for the Moonies.

Nadia Marzouca remembered

Nadia Marzouca was the first-year student who made friends with all the upper years and knew everyone in her program. She not only loved her studies in film at Ryerson, but genuinely loved the people around her too.

Is coffee a good first date?

Is coffee an ideal first date? Or complete shit? Our masterdebator-editors duke it out.

Committee approves Sam sign location

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...The new location for the Sam the Record Man sign was approved by city council’s Planning and Growth Management committee Thursday

Man responsible for death of Ryerson student commits suicide in jail

Farshad Badakhshan hung himself last Thursday at the Metro West Detention Centre.

RSU brings Israel boycott to province

The Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) passed a motion at its annual general meeting last week to boycott Israel after the RSU presented it as an emergency motion.

Sockets suck: where is the power?

Student space at Ryerson is slim and flawed. More than 50 per cent of outlets in the Centre Hub, a prime student space, don’t work, leaving students more limited than before.

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